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a landing page for converting more customers

Go live in 14 days with a landing page that loads in < 0.5 seconds.
We develop a winning formula combined with data-driven content to increase your new customer conversion rate, and drive better ROAS for your brand.
In 2021, Sharma Brands landing pages drove over $25,000,000 in online revenue.


Level Up your Landing PAge

We teach potential customers about who you are, what you sell, how it helps them, and why you’re the best option on the market to alleviate landing page pains.
Create channel-specific experiences for conversion
Cater to the funnel-stage of the customer
Load at record speed (< 0.5 seconds)
Personalize messaging
Checkout in 2 clicks
Tailor brand storytelling


WE improve your KPIS:
Average load time, customer acquisition cost, bounce rate, revenue, and more


Decrease in customer acquisition cost from paid media channels.


Increase in conversion rate for websites with HOOX landing pages vs without.


Increase in customer LTV after arriving to a HOOX landing page.

Current Paid Media Set Up

Optimized Landing page Journey

Our Package


We review your intake form to understand your goals, then educate ourselves on everything about your brand to come up with 2-3 concepts that match up with your objectives. If you have a concept in mind, we'll ensure it's bulletproof.


We build out conversion optimized wireframes for your landing page that take into account your traffic sources, demographics of the end user and the goal of the page.


We write copy informed by your data — including your best-performing content and customer feedback — to communicate clearly and successfully with your users.

UI Design

We create seamless, on-brand UI design in Figma in alignment with your visual identity to capture attention while blending beautifully with your site.


We develop desktop, mobile and tablet responsive pages using custom coding in Unbounce, an an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder. Our packages include email and SMS integrations, tracking tools, and up to 8 feature sections with a sticky menu.


We transfer the page into your Unbounce account. If you don’t have an account, worry not. We can help you with setup — connecting a sub-domain and setup a new hosting.


“Implementing the Sharma Brands landing pages allowed us to tackle Google Search in a more efficient way, speaking to new audiences with proper messaging”
“The HOOX landing page has been a game changer for our customer acquisition and retention efforts. We’ve seen that we can qualify customers who really align with our product benefits before buying, which leads to a higher LTV. We also saw that our conversion rate, compared to our PDP, tripled, and allowed us to really hit the gas on paid media, efficiently.”
“HOOX helped us develop pre-launch landing pages, and we had an 80% opt-in on our HOOX LP, compared to 30% on our pre-launch site. When we launched, we also saw the HOOX LP leads significantly outperformed the pre-launch website.”
“For the longest time, we couldn’t make our customer acquisition work... at all. HOOX helped us accomplish pricing and messaging testing, and within 3 pages over 3 weeks, we figured out that people actually DO want what we have to offer — we were just talking about it the wrong way. Our CPA dropped by 70% and we were on a 7-figure run rate, very quickly.”